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Regular physical exercise

During a recent conversation with a 40-year old friend, the topic of our conversation turned to physical health. He had just injured his foot during a soccer game and, independent of the injury, he shared how his body was slower to react and slower to recover than it had been in his 20’s. I asked him when he first started feeling the cracks and he shared that it began around the age of 35.

I imagine that there’s a genetic component to when our bodies start showing signs of slowing down. That’s beyond our control.

What is within our control to delay the onset of a slowing body is physical exercise.

I’m 31 so I have yet to hit the age when my friend’s body started slowing down. But I hope that I’ll be able to delay the time when this happens. To achieve this, I exercise regularly, using a combination of cardio for a healthy heart and effective blood circulation and weights for strength training.

With the current technology available to us, we only have one body in life. It’s up to us to treat it well. Regular physical exercise is essential to doing so.