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Parodying different roles in tech

I recently came across the following tweet from TechCrunch’s founder Michael Arrington.

It does a great job of parodying how developers, designers, project managers, quality assurance, and system administrators see themselves and one another.

I recommend taking the time to go through each entry in the matrix. The laughs make it well worth it.

Autonomous driving technology’s parking ticket avoidance mode

I watched several videos of Tesla’s autonomous driving technology in action over the last few weeks. These videos highlight how the technology gets you from point A to point B safely without you having to drive.

However, that’s not the only use case for autonomous driving technology. It can also help you avoid parking tickets.

The video below from Tesla shows exactly how.

TED talks parody

TED talks are short talks where thought leaders on a particular issue share the research and ideas which produce an often unconventional insight about that issue. Although the talks were originally in the areas of technology, entertainment, and design, they’ve since expanded to include talks in pretty much every area imaginable. I really enjoy the talks and recommend that you check out a few on the TED website.

However, although the insights which result from each talk may be unconventional, the structure of each talk is quite conventional. And this predictable structure means that TED talks can be parodied.

For this parody to be meaningful, I first recommend that you watch a few actual TED videos if you haven’t done so already. Then watch the parody below.