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Sinemia’s Facebook Messenger bot

Sinemia, a monthly movie membership club and content site where we’re investors, recently launched its Facebook Messenger bot.

If you go to the Facebook Messenger app and search for Sinemia, you can chat with Sinemia’s bot to discover movie theaters close to you, browse movie screening times, and read articles about the movies.

Equally important, if you can’t find what you’re looking for by interacting with Sinemia’s bot, you can also request to be handed off to a human agent. This is a very important feature for bots which are in their early development stages to ensure that they’re able to respond to the full needs of the humans that they’re interacting with.

As a Sinemia member and regular user, I find the Sinemia app to be a more convenient way to reach the same information as that available through Sinemia’s Messenger bot. However, for people who don’t use the Sinemia app or who do but are looking for a different channel to reach the same information, Sinemia’s Messenger bot provides a great alternative.

Sinemia’s new round

Sinemia, a movie membership and loyalty club that also operates movie content sites, recently completed its Series A funding round.

500 Startups was the first to participate in this round last November, and this was followed by Revo Capital who led the roughly $1.5M total round this month.

This investment makes us happy for two reasons.

First, it will help Sinemia establish new partnerships to grow in Turkey while also giving it the fuel to test the US market.

Second, this marks our first co-investment with Revo. We welcome the Revo team to the company.

Sinemia and 500 Startups

Sinemia, a monthly movie membership club where we’re investors, completed its second funding round in August of this year.

Immediately following the round, 500 Startups expressed its interest to invest in Sinemia. Given Sinemia’s plans to grow abroad with an initial focus on the US market, a global fund with a US presence like 500 Startups has the potential to be a great partner for the company.

Sinemia therefore decided to bring 500 Startups onboard and the small strategic round was announced yesterday. We welcome 500 Startups to the company.

Sinemia’s US expansion is up next.

Sinemia’s new app

I wrote about our portfolio company Sinemia’s content site Sinemia Sosyal in an earlier post.

In the post, I described how Sinemia Sosyal offers its users editorial content about movies, actors and actresses, and all else related to the cinema sector. It also offers users a smart lookup feature to discover current movie screenings in a way that I find more aligned with how I go about looking for movies to watch at the theater.

Sinemia recently released new versions of its mobile apps (iOS, Android, and Windows Store), and, in doing so, it made three big changes which build on Sinemia Sosyal. There are other new features, but these are the ones that stood out to me.

The first is that the content of Sinemia Sosyal is now available to all mobile app users. In the past, in order to access Sinemia Sosyal through the app, you needed to be a member of Sinemia’s subscription service that lets users watch a movie a day at theaters across Turkey. Sinemia has repositioned its membership club as a premium service, calling it Sinemia Premium, and the Sinemia app which is based on the content of Sinemia Sosyal is now accessible to everyone. This means that Sinemia can now serve more movie goers than before.

The second big change is the introduction of an in-app feed. The app lets you follow the profiles of movies, actors and actresses, and other users in order to stay up-to-date on the news about them and the in-app actions which they take. It then consolidates and displays this information in a personalized feed. This lets users get more value out of the app without having to spend unnecessary time searching for content that they find interesting, and thereby keeps users engaged with the app. Screenshot_20160905-155119

The third big change is the introduction of non-movie privileges to Sinemia Premium members. In addition to watching a movie a day, Sinemia Premium members can now access discounts at over 400 restaurants, cafes, and merchant partners. Most of these merchants, like restaurants located close to movie theater locations, complement the movie going experience. This makes a Sinemia Premium membership that much more valuable for movie goers.


If these developments sound exciting, I encourage you to give the new Sinemia app a try.

Sinemia’s new round

Sinemia, a monthly membership club for movie goers where we’re investors, recently raised its second round of funding. We participated in the round together with Burak Orucu and Ali Cebi from Istanbul Startup Angels. Similar to the company’s first round of funding, the new round once again took place on the Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange) Private Market platform.

Following our original investment in December 2015, the company has grown its number of members and revenue five fold. It has also launched new projects like Sinemia Sosyal and exclusive movie pre-screenings which are complementary to Sinemia’s membership business.

We’re very happy to have participated in Sinemia’s new round of funding as the company continues to build products and business models that bring together movie goers, movie theaters, and film studios.