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Pokemon Go and augmented reality

It’s been less than 3 weeks since the launch of Pokemon Go, a mobile game where players use their smartphone’s camera to collect Pokemon’s at different real world locations. The game was downloaded by over 5% of all US Android users during the first two days of its release and it has set a record for the highest number of downloads among all apps in their first week on the iOS app store.

These records are despite the fact that the app has yet to be released in all countries. If you live in a country where the game hasn’t been released yet you can download it from this link if you’re an Android user and follow these instructions to download it if you’re an iPhone user.

Following Snapchat’s augmented reality filters, Pokemon Go is the second use case of augmented reality that has gained widespread user adoption.

Here’s an Andreessen Horowitz podcast which talks about the history behind the development of Pokemon Go, some of the reasons behind its success, and what lessons can be drawn for future applications of augmented reality.