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Emotional and technical proficiency

When you’re in a junior role in an organization, you’re responsible for the direct output that you alone produce. As such, your performance depends on being technically proficient in what you do.

As you progress to more senior roles, or if you start an organization as a founder in which case you’re in a senior role by default, you’re responsible for the output of your organization. And this output is the sum of the individual outputs of everyone else in the organization.

As such, having the technical proficiency to understand the outputs of the people in your organization is table stakes. In addition to this, your performance depends on maximizing the outputs of the people in your organization. This requires attracting and selecting the right people followed by understanding and motivating them. And this first requires understanding yourself. It requires emotional proficiency.

Fortunately, just like technical proficiency, emotional proficiency can be learned. You just have to value it at least as much as technical proficiency. If you do, you realize that it’s at least as valuable.