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Investor help to convince candidates

As investors, we’re in a great position to help our founders convince candidates who are on the fence about joining their company.

First, we’ve seen hundreds of candidates being hired across tens of companies. This gives us more data points than those available to most founders about which approaches work and which ones don’t when trying to convince different types of candidates with different motivations and concerns to join a company.

This doesn’t mean that we get every candidate to cross the finish line. However, we improve the odds that they do.

Second, an investor is able to provide a more objective, bird’s-eye view of the company. Although we’re also biased because of our equity stake in the company, we have less skin in the game than founders. This helps us balance the founder’s more subjective view from living in the trenches with a more objective view from thirty thousand feet.

The founder’s view is more important because that’s what will eventually determine the company’s success. It is the founder’s view that the candidate needs to believe. However, an investor can provide a valuable complementary perspective.

Third, having an investor spend time speaking with a candidate prior to their decision shows that the investor cares. And for an investor to care, the founder must have communicated to the investor how much they care about the candidate. This means that the founder also cares. And candidates want to work with founders who care.

Several of our founders regularly ask for our help to convince candidates to join their company. I wish that even more did.