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Happy new year

It has been a great year. In fact, it’s been the best year of my life.

While the year, like all years, has had its ups and downs, the birth of our son overrides each of these joys and pains.

We don’t plan on having a new child every year, so we won’t get to experience this joy every year.

However, we will hopefully get to see our son grow, together with all of the experiences that that entails. As long as that happens, it’s likely that each successive year is going to be the best of my life.

Happy new year.

My social media profile picture

A friend recently asked why I use a picture from my childhood days as my social media profile picture. I use the same picture, taken from my third grade yearbook, on both my Twitter and Facebook profiles.

The reason is that, whenever I feel as though I’ve experienced all that there is to experience, or learned all that there is to learn, something happens which makes me realize how much more I have yet to experience and learn.

In other words, although I might no longer be a child in terms of my age, in terms of the experiences and learnings that I have yet to face, I will always remain a child.

My social media profile picture is a reminder of this beautiful fact.