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Following its recent expansion to start serving customers in Ankara, Mobilotoservis, our car repair and maintenance service which comes to you, launched its first hardware product.

The product is called MOSX and it’s an adapter which plugs into the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port of your car. The adapter uses Bluetooth to send information about the status of your car to the MOSX smartphone app. For the initial launch of MOSX, this information includes trip logging, driving feedback, fuel consumption and carbon emissions data, and the discovery of problems with your vehicle.

Using MOSX, Mobilotoservis is able to remotely diagnose the repair and maintenance needs of your car so that you don’t have to worry about them. Once it identifies a need, MOSX immediately informs the Mobilotoservis team. Mobilotoservis then gets in touch with you to resolve the issue remotely where possible or, for issues that can’t be addressed remotely, to serve you at the location of your choice.

While MOSX’s primary goal is to help Mobilotoservis better serve its customers in need of car repair and maintenance services, you can also use it as a standalone product for its trip logging, driving feedback, and fuel consumption and carbon emissions data sharing features.

I don’t have a car as I prefer to get around by public transport and taxi, but my wife’s car is currently equipped with MOSX. We’re beta testing the product. If you’d like to learn more about the device and be among its first users, you can visit this link.

The Mobilotoservis team also presented MOSX at the Webrazzi Summit last year. You can watch their full presentation in Turkish below. It runs roughly from minute 38 to 50.

The Mobilotoservis experience

We recently purchased a car for my wife. Since it’s a used car, we wanted to have it go through a thorough check-up and maintenance service.

So we called Mobilotoservis (Turkish for “mobile auto service”), the car repair and maintenance service that comes to your doorstep where we’re also investors. We compared the price quoted by Mobilotoservis with those offered by other services that require that you drop off your car at their service location. Despite the costs of the additional trip made by Mobilotoservis to serve you, its price quote was lower than that of the other services. So we chose to go ahead with Mobilotoservis.

Mobilotoservis’ service experience was even better than its price advantage. Our mechanic showed up right on time, carefully described each of the check-ups and changes he was going to perform in detail, and let us watch and ask questions during the entire hour and a half long process. None of the services I visited in the past performed the second and third actions. And these actions are essential to keeping the customer informed and thereby earning his trust.

Yes, as investors in the company, we might be biased. But I did my best to observe the experience as objectively as possible. And I believe that Mobilotoservis offers an order of magnitude better value for money than any other car service I’ve received in the past.


Mobilotoservis, a car repair and maintenance service that comes to you where we’re investors, was recently featured on Turkish TV channel NTV.

In the piece, Mobilotoservis’ co-founder Kaan Sarac talks about what Mobilotoservis does and the value that it creates for consumers.

You can watch the short (less than 2 minutes) video in Turkish below.

Mobilotoservis in Ankara

Mobilotoservis, our investment which serves as a car repair and maintenance service that comes to you, started serving customers in Ankara this week.

As a result of the high quality of service that Mobilotoservis delivers to customers at their doorstep, the company has excellent customer satisfaction scores. This leads to many customers referring their friends to Mobilotoservis, including friends who live outside of Mobilotoservis’ initial launch city Istanbul.

However, while it’s great to have pent up demand in a new city, it’s important to fine tune your operations in your first city before diving in to serve this new demand. This serves two purposes. First, it ensures that your operational performance in your first city doesn’t decline when you expand to a new one. Second, it ensures that your second city launch is much more about executing a known playbook than making new mistakes and learning along the way. You’ll always have some of the latter but having your playbook ironed out allows for a much more smooth launch in your new city.

Mobilotoservis patiently waited for the right moment before expanding to Ankara. If you live there, I strongly recommend you try out their service.