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San Francisco

I’m heading to San Francisco to work with our startups there and meet new ones over the next 2 weeks.

Due to the 10 hour time difference between Istanbul and San Francisco, I’ll be publishing my daily blog posts about 10 hours later than usual each day.

Beyond meeting with startups, I also look forward to seeing the on-the-ground vibe around the upcoming US presidential election on November 8. The run up to the election has been different and unfortunately more polarized than any that I’ve experienced before.

Although San Francisco is far from being representative of the US as a whole, observing the range of perspectives in person rather than over social media will help paint a more accurate picture for what the US will likely look like following the election. Although the short-term picture will be impacted by who wins, I believe that the long-term one, which is far more important, is quite independent of this year’s winner.