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The emotional journey of creating anything great

I came across the post below on Twitter this morning. It shows the emotional journey which you choose to embark on if you try to create anything great.

The one thing I’d add is that the more worthwhile what you’re trying to do is, the more times the peak to trough to peak progress shown in the post repeats itself.

As the post shares, it’s the combination of belief, persistence, family (and close friends), and humor that get you through the moments of despair.

Here’s to getting through the moments of despair and creating great things in 2017.

Finding someone who already believes

If someone says they don’t believe in what you’re doing, what do you do? Do you spend your time trying to convince that person to believe, or do you try to find other people with a similar value proposition who already believe?

If you think that the person who said “no” has a stronger value proposition than the alternatives, you should probably try a few more times. That’s persistence and it’s a valuable trait.

However, if their value proposition isn’t that different, or if it is but you’re unable to change their mind after a few more tries, you’ll get a much higher return on your time by spending it trying to find people who already believe.

In other words, finding someone who already believes is easier than trying to change the mind of someone who doesn’t believe.

This is true not only for entrepreneurship but for many other walks of life.