What stays the same

There are two types of information you can take as input to inform your decisions. These are information which stays the same and information which changes.

In a general context, the fundamental laws of physics are examples of the former while the 24 hour news cycle is an example of the latter.

In the specific context of investing in startups, the factors which make for a successful company are examples of the former while the tactics which a startup is using at any moment in time are examples of the latter.

Trying to keep up with that information which changes is like running on a never ending treadmill. You’ll eventually fall off.

On the other hand, identifying that information which stays the same, which we can also call the fundamental truths which govern the behavior of a particular system, is sustainable. They’re limited in number and you don’t need to worry about missing a few of their changes.

As long as you have a good grasp of what stays the same and use this to inform your decisions, the things that change will eventually change in a way that justifies your decision.

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