A miracle

Our son is over 4 months old now. Before his birth, I was looking forward to the many things that I would have the opportunity to teach him. After all, he is quite a bit less experienced.

And the time for that teaching will likely come when he grows older and begins to perform activities like going to school, playing with friends, and doing work.

However, at his current age, I’m learning more from him than he is from me. My learnings are taking place in many areas, but one that really stands out is what he teaches me as a result of his innate curiosity for and resulting fascination with everything in life.

The fascination with which he examines someone he meets for the first time.

The fascination with which he tastes something new (even though they’re only liquids so far).

The fascination with which he watches new places from the window of the car.

The fascination with which he listens to a new sound.

And so much more.

There’s a quote, attributed to Einstein, which goes as follows: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

As adults, since we’ve experienced many things before, we often default to the former.¬†However, while a specific experience may be similar, the actual moment we’re experiencing is always new.

When I observe our son, I’m reminded that each new moment is a miracle.

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