Sinemia’s Facebook Messenger bot

Sinemia, a monthly movie membership club and content site where we’re investors, recently launched its Facebook Messenger bot.

If you go to the Facebook Messenger app and search for Sinemia, you can chat with Sinemia’s bot to discover movie theaters close to you, browse movie screening times, and read articles about the movies.

Equally important, if you can’t find what you’re looking for by interacting with Sinemia’s bot, you can also request to be handed off to a human agent. This is a very important feature for bots which are in their early development stages to ensure that they’re able to respond to the full needs of the humans that they’re interacting with.

As a Sinemia member and regular user, I find the Sinemia app to be a more convenient way to reach the same information as that available through Sinemia’s Messenger bot. However, for people who don’t use the Sinemia app or who do but are looking for a different channel to reach the same information, Sinemia’s Messenger bot provides a great alternative.

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