Recalling overarching learnings

Each morning, I wake up thinking about what to write about for this blog. Sometimes it’s a personal learning, sometimes it’s a development at one of our portfolio companies, sometimes it’s a piece relevant to the tech sector globally, and sometimes it’s just some good old fun.

What I’ve come to realize about the personal learnings I share is that, the more you learn, the more important it becomes to recall your existing learnings rather than to continually come up with new learnings.

I don’t think that there’s an end to personal learning. There’s always more that you can learn. And our capacity to learn grows as humans evolve. Future generations of humans will likely have a greater capacity to learn than current ones.

However, there any many overarching learnings that apply across most of the domains of your life. And these don’t change that often, if at all.

Once you’ve discovered these overarching learnings, there’s greater value in recalling the relevant learning at the relevant time than in trying to force the creation of new overarching learnings.

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