The Mobilotoservis experience

We recently purchased a car for my wife. Since it’s a used car, we wanted to have it go through a thorough check-up and maintenance service.

So we called Mobilotoservis (Turkish for “mobile auto service”), the car repair and maintenance service that comes to your doorstep where we’re also investors. We compared the price quoted by Mobilotoservis with those offered by other services that require that you drop off your car at their service location. Despite the costs of the additional trip made by Mobilotoservis to serve you, its price quote was lower than that of the other services. So we chose to go ahead with Mobilotoservis.

Mobilotoservis’ service experience was even better than its price advantage. Our mechanic showed up right on time, carefully described each of the check-ups and changes he was going to perform in detail, and let us watch and ask questions during the entire hour and a half long process. None of the services I visited in the past performed the second and third actions. And these actions are essential to keeping the customer informed and thereby earning his trust.

Yes, as investors in the company, we might be biased. But I did my best to observe the experience as objectively as possible. And I believe that Mobilotoservis offers an order of magnitude better value for money than any other car service I’ve received in the past.

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