I wrote about how getting fresh air and exercising are two ways in which I’m able to get an immediate boost to my productivity. I want to write about a third one today, and that’s music.

Unlike getting fresh air and exercising, where an approach of just doing it works best, music requires more careful thought and selection. Different people like different types of music. And even the same person feels like listening to different types of music throughout the day. You need to listen to the right type of music that fits how you feel at a specific moment in time to have a positive impact on your mood.

For example, if I’m already feeling motivated and want to amplify this feeling, I listen to fast DJ playlists from David Guetta or Calvin Harris. Titanium is my favorite piece from David Guetta and Sweet Nothing is my favorite Calvin Harris song.

If I’ve had a series of upsetting moments during the day, I listen to music like Lovely Day from Bill Withers and Dancing on the Ceiling from Lionel Richie. These bring to mind better moments and provide me with a more positive outlook on the rest of the day. A positive outlook also increases my productivity.

Finally, when my mind is racing and I feel the need to calm down to make better long-term decisions, I turn to the saxophone jazz of Dave Koz. I Believe is my favorite piece from Dave Koz.

Making time in your day to listen to music is a great way to make you happier and more productive.

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