Fresh air

I spend most of my days working behind a computer screen or at meetings indoors. After several hours indoors, my brain starts getting tired and I find it increasingly difficult to be productive.

At this time, letting in some fresh air can do wonders for me. If I’m in a meeting with one other person, or if I need to do some deep thinking on my own, I take a walk outside. This produces the best outcome. However taking a walk outside isn’t always possible. First, the weather needs to be good. Second, I may be in a meeting with a lot of people, or I may need to get work done behind a computer screen. In these cases, the simple act of opening the windows helps. Although not as effective as taking a walk outside, it’s enough to get my brain going again.

As you get to know yourself, you begin to observe patterns in the circumstances under which you’re most productive. One example for me is working in a place with fresh air. I’ll share other examples in the future. Discovering the environments that work for you and incorporating them in your daily routine can be an easy way to improve your mood and reach better outcomes.

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