On-demand isn’t always in-demand

In an earlier post entitled “On-demand markets that aren’t”, I used the example of Rinse, a laundry and dry cleaning managed marketplace where we’re investors, to highlight how many markets that at the outset appear to be suitable for on-demand service, and as a result of the hype around on-demand services are often named that way, are in fact not on-demand.

In a recent post entitled “On-demand isn’t always in-demand”, Rinse’s co-founder Ajay Prakash explains why this is the case in much more depth than I did. As Ajay points out, businesses succeed by solving the primary pain points of their customers. And “none of the pain points in dry cleaning, laundry, or any other form of clothing care require an on-demand solution.”

In fact, Ajay argues that other verticals which are also often given as examples of on-demand services, like house cleaning, storage, and car washes, also do not require an on-demand solution.

You can read Ajay’s full post here.

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