Pvgna (pronounced “pugna”, which means “battle” in Latin) is a professionally produced e-sports content subscription service where we’re investors. For $5/month, Pvgna gives you access to a wide range of game-specific e-sports content including hero guides, game analyses, and pro plays.

In the world of e-sports content, there are two elephants in the room. The first is Twitch, which focuses on the live-streaming of e-sports content, and the second is YouTube which features pre-recorded user-generated e-sports content. Pvgna’s goal is to offer more in-depth and higher quality content than that available through both of these platforms.

To achieve this goal, the company’s initial content focus is on the very popular Dota 2 game. Pvgna currently has over 450 unique pieces of Dota 2 content available, with more coming online each week. After Dota 2, Pvgna will begin serving content around other popular e-sports games.

E-sports has been around for less than a decade. In contrast, traditional sports like American football, basketball, baseball, and hockey have each been around for over a century. Despite this, the League of Legends (a very popular e-sports game) finals viewership figure is second only to that of the NFL finals (36M vs 114M). More people watch the League of Legends finals than each of the NBA finals (20M), MLB finals (15M), and NHL finals (6M). And League of Legends is just one game among many.

The trend is clear. E-sports fans will soon outnumber those of traditional sports. And these fans want content that helps them better understand, follow, and play their favorite games. Pvgna is well positioned to be the destination that best serves this need.

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