People shape the future

On the morning of November 10, I shared my thoughts about Donald Trump’s election as president of the US.

That same morning, 78 years ago in 1938, was the day when Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, passed away.

Turkey has experienced a tough 2016 so far. In particular, the July 15 coup attempt was an unwelcome development that Turkey is fortunate to have avoided.

Similarly, many in the US feel that Trump’s presidency is an unwelcome development. I understand their concerns but, for the reasons I shared in my post, I don’t have the same fears.

There will always be struggle and there will always be uncertainty. The struggles of Turkey to rebuild following the coup attempt and the uncertainty which the country continues to face, and the struggles of the US during a polarized campaign season and the uncertainty which the country faces now that the election results are in, are just two examples.

But amid the struggles and the uncertainty, there is one certainty. And that is that people shape the future. Just like Ataturk shaped that of Turkey.

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