Hiring and team management insights

Steve Newcomb was the founder of PowerSet, the developer of a natural language search engine which was acquired by Microsoft for ~$100M and is now part of Microsoft’s search engine Bing.

In his 29 page write-up entitled “Cult Creation“, Steve summarizes some of his unconventional hiring and team management insights. These include his suggestions to:

  1. Try before you buy when hiring
  2. Treat all candidates including those that you won’t be hiring like gold
  3. Develop and communicate a worst case scenario for your startup that’s better than the middle or even best case scenario of most other startups
  4. Set the salaries and equity awards corresponding to different competency levels for each talent type (engineering, marketing, product, …) and don’t allow for negotiations within a specific competency level
  5. Incentivize employees to live close to the office

You can read the full piece here.

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