An additional hour

If you were at the end of your life, how much would you give to live for an additional hour?

That’s the value of your time.

Because we fool ourselves to think that the end is still very far off, we don’t think about the value of our current time in this way. We assign much less value to our current time than what we would pay for an additional hour at the end of our life.

As a result of this discounting, we do a lot of things at present that, if we were to think about the value of an additional hour at the end of our life, we wouldn’t do. We spend time being angry about things outside of our control, worrying about the outcome of things when we’ve already put our best foot forward, and doing things that we don’t see value in doing.

But there will come a time when you will wish you had just one more hour. It’s perhaps the only certainty in life.

And there’s no point in discounting a certainty.

Instead, place a number on your value of the additional hour when you face that certainty. And live your life with that number in mind.

It will change a lot of what you do and feel.

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