Webrazzi’s 10 year anniversary

Webrazzi, where we’re investors, is the leading tech news website in Turkey.

It’s the primary way in which companies in Turkey’s tech sector share their latest developments and people in and outside of the sector follow local and global developments in the tech industry.

However, Webrazzi didn’t attain this position overnight. It’s been 10 years since the company was founded by Arda Kutsal. In these 10 years, the company has expanded from its original position as a news website into adjacent businesses including event management, career services, e-commerce, and seed investing.

Webrazzi recently shared a summary of its progress over its first 10 years. You can read it in Turkish here.

I congratulate Arda and the Webrazzi team on the success they have achieved thus far, and wish them an even brighter future. They provide an invaluable service to the Turkish tech community.

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