One Month

One Month is our investment in the online learning space. The company was founded by Mattan Griffel, the instructor of Skillshare‘s most popular programming course.

Mattan decided to apply his experiences at Skillshare to build an online education platform that provides students with only the highest quality courses which help them acquire very specific tangible skills. Rather than present students with separate theoretical lectures without a clear link between the content of each lecture, One Month offers a structured progression of bite-sized practical content where each course builds on the learnings of the previous one. The content is consumed asynchronously so that each student can learn at their own pace, and courses can be completed by spending only 15 minutes a day during the course of a month.

There’s also a clear emphasis on putting what you learn to use in practice.¬†For example, I took the One Month Growth Hacking course before investing. As part of the course, I built a landing page and installed a tracker on the page to monitor and analyze incoming traffic sources and email signup conversion rates. I can attest to the effectiveness of the program.

Examples of other courses currently available include Rails, HTML, Payment Processing, iOS, Android, and Content Marketing. Although the current courses are focused on technical subjects, the company plans to enter other domains in the future.

Mattan spoke about One Month at the 2015 South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference. You can check out his video interview below to learn more about the company’s unique approach to online education.

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