First seven jobs

A few days ago, many people started sharing their first 7 jobs on social media.

I don’t know who started the movement but I like the idea. I think it’s humbling to remember where you came from, and to discover the similarly humble beginnings of others, including people you might look up to.

If you take this a step further, we were all once kids, and before that babies, and before that had yet to be born. Remembering that simple fact whenever you’re pursuing a goal that someone else has achieved (yes, whatever it is you’re doing, at a sufficiently high level of abstraction, someone else has done it before) makes your goal appear much more attainable.

Here are my first 6 (I haven’t had 7) jobs:

Healthcare accounting intern

Telco market research intern

Financial advising intern

Equity derivatives strategy intern

Strategy consultant

Tech investor

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