Entrepreneur blogs

Many entrepreneurs have started writing blogs to highlight the progress that their company is making in areas like product, hiring, management, and fundraising.

Investor blogs like this one make sense because they serve two main outward purposes. The first is to share the investor’s thinking with potential entrepreneurs in order for these entrepreneurs to reach out to the investor, and hopefully accept his money at the time of their fundraise. The second is to promote the investor’s companies to other investors and potential users. There are also inward purposes like helping an investor structure their thoughts, but the outward purposes are why an investor writes a public blog rather than keeping private notes.

The value of entrepreneur blogs, on the other hand, depends on the stage of the company that the entrepreneur is running. If the company has achieved product-market fit, blogging makes sense to promote the company to new users and potential employees. The founder of a company that has achieved product-market fit is relatively less pressed for time than the founder of a company that has yet to achieve product-market fit, so spending some time on blogging can make sense.

Blogging also makes sense if the entrepreneur is a repeat entrepreneur who has built a successful company in the past. This positions the entrepreneur as a thought leader who can use the combination of his reputation and a written online presence to showcase his company and attract talent.

But if a company has yet to achieve product-market fit or the entrepreneur isn’t a repeat founder with a successful previous company under his belt, the founder’s only goal should be to get to product-market fit. And blogging doesn’t help you reach this goal.

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