What’s worth fighting for

From the perspective of any individual person, the world is a very big place. There’s a lot going on and the vast majority of it is beyond our control. In order to have an impact on even a limited slice of life, we need to dedicate most of our life to it. And even then, we only gain partial control over the outcome in that area.

With so much beyond our control, it’s important to distinguish between what’s worth fighting for and what isn’t. We can’t fix everything. So we need to decide what to fight for. Specifically, we need to fight for those things where there’s a lot of value at stake and where we have the greatest ability to impact the eventual outcome.

When looked at this way, the list of things worth fighting for for any individual person produces a pretty limited list. For most people, it includes yourself and your close family and friends. For a minority of people, it also includes some societal or humanitarian goals.

It’s important to know what’s on your list and what isn’t, to do your best to improve the outcomes for those things that are on your list, and to learn to accept the outcomes for those things that aren’t.

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