Technology in soccer follow up

I wrote about how technology could be used to improve referee decision-making in an earlier post. In that post, I shared how there was an offside position before England’s goal in a friendly match against Turkey and the goal should have therefore been disallowed. The offside position could have been identified in real-time using video recording and replay technology.

Yesterday night, Turkey beat the Czech Republic 2-0 in the Euro 2016 competition. Turkey needed to win by at least a two goal margin in order to have a chance of progressing from the group stage so both goals were crucial. And this time it was Turkey’s second goal that came from an offside position and should have there been disallowed. You can watch the goal below.

Turkey was unfairly penalized during the England game, and unfairly rewarded against the Czech Republic. As part of the Euro 2016 competition, the Czech Republic game is more important than the friendly against England. So in this case Turkey ended up gaining more than it lost.

But the problem isn’t whether you’re on the winning or losing side of referee mistakes. The problem is that there doesn’t need to be a winning or losing side at all. Using technology, both mistakes could have been corrected and soccer could be a fairer game.

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