VC Fund My Life

Since we’re on the topic of making fun of venture capitalists this weekend, I want to share with you the website VC Fund My Life.

As the website’s name suggests, its goal is to give you as many coupons from VC-funded startups as possible, thereby essentially letting you use VC dollars to fund your life. The coupons come across a wide range of categories including transportation, food, and clothing.

Just because a company is offering coupons to attract customers doesn’t mean that it isn’t a viable business. Many of the companies behind the coupons available on VC Fund My Life are doing well. However, I imagine that there are also some that are struggling. The reason is that the discount amounts offered by the coupons are only meaningful in the context of the gross margins and retention rates of the customers which these coupons bring in.

Despite this caveat, I still found myself smiling while browsing the site.

I wonder what such a site would look like for Turkey. I know that some of our companies would make the list. Fortunately, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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