Thank you Aslihan

Aslihan Ulutas was the CMO of Aslanoba Group. Her primary role was to lead TazeDirekt’s marketing activities, but she also assisted our Aslanoba Capital startups in a part-time capacity. Following TazeDirekt’s closure, Aslihan is transitioning to her new role at Facebook where she will lead Facebook Turkey’s marketing activities.

During the 2 years that we worked together, Aslihan was a very valuable asset for our startups. Together with her team, she helped build TazeDirekt into a love brand. And she made her experiences, as well as those of her teammates, in building this love brand readily available to our startups. Several of our startups held brainstorming sessions together with Aslihan and her team, from which they emerged with new ideas about their brand positioning and potential customer acquisition strategies.

I thank Aslihan for her contributions to our startups, and wish her all the best in her new role at Facebook.

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