Product pictures on Kapgel

Our on-demand goods delivery startup Kapgel recently started showing product pictures on its apps.

In the past, the products that you could order on Kapgel were only listed in the form of text. This is still the case for categories of non-commodity products where Kapgel doesn’t have a formal merchant agreement. An example of this is the product listings page below for Kahve Dunyasi, a local coffee chain in Turkey.


However, for those product categories which are either commodities (where Kapgel can fulfill the order from a wide range of merchants) or where Kapgel has a merchant agreement in place, Kapgel has started showing product pictures in addition to text. The “Bakkal” (“Grocer” in Turkish) category below is a great example.


It’s easier to find a product you’re looking for by scrolling through pictures than scrolling through text. You’re also more likely to order the product if it’s presented as a picture than as text because the picture creates a vivid image in your mind. In the case of food, the picture also whets your appetite more than text.

I look forward to seeing more product pictures on the Kapgel app as the company extends its merchant agreements.

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