Nikola Tesla pitching VC’s

Nikola Tesla is an inventor best known for his work on alternating current electricity.

Venture capital as we know it didn’t exist back when Tesla was working in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But if it did, here’s a parody of what Tesla pitching his work on wireless energy to VC’s might look like.

It’s a funny reminder of VC stereotypes, biases, and the fact that investors are often wrong.

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  • StoneCypher

    this is, of course, nonsense. nikola tesla was essentially exclusively funded by venture capital; the reason jp morgan was able to pull the plug on the wardenclyffe fraud was that he was paying for it.

    tesla had very little, in reality, to do with the creation of alternating current. alternating current was already at grid scale use in europe before tesla spoke up in north america, and started screaming bloody murder about how he was robbed and got there first (you will find that this pattern holds for basically all of his inventions.)

    alternating current was invented by michael faraday, and industrialized by george westinghouse and heinrich hertz. tesla’s contribution to the grid was to get beaten by edison at an un-loseable proposition.

    stop learning your science history from internet comics.

  • The comic is designed to parody VC, not accurately describe the history of Nikola Tesla and alternating current electricity. I agree that it’s not educational but that’s not its goal or my reason for sharing it.

  • StoneCypher

    i agree, there are excuses for spreading misinformation, and one of them is parodying an unrelated thing

    wait, that’s not what agree means