I wrote about Buldumbuldum, our investment in the mass customized products space, in earlier posts here and here. In these posts, I described how Buldumbuldum is augmenting its traditional e-commerce business with its B2C marketplace (seller-designed gift products, t-shirts, mugs, …) and B2B (stationery products like business cards, pens, and agendas) segments which will be the drivers of future growth.

It’s coming up on a year since the B2C marketplace and B2B segments launched and the results are very promising. The combined B2C marketplace and B2B segments already account for over 30% of Buldumbuldum’s sales, with the B2B segment showing slightly faster growth than the B2C marketplace segment.

In addition to the B2B segment’s faster growth, business customers are exhibiting different pre-purchase behavior than individual consumers. Since business customers purchase their stationery products in bulk rather than on a one-off basis, they look to receive offers for and negotiate prices based on the size of their order. This is in contrast with B2C customers who accept predetermined list prices for single unit orders.

In order to respond to the fast growth and different pre-purchase behavior of the B2B segment, Buldumbuldum decided to launch KaliteliPromosyon (translated “high quality promotion” in Turkish), a website dedicated to serving its B2B customers.

While you can still order B2B stationery products at predetermined prices within the B2B category on Buldumbuldum, you might want to check out KaliteliPromosyon if you enjoy Turkish-style bargaining.

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