Sinemia Sosyal

Sinemia, where we’re investors, is a membership club that lets you watch a movie a day at theaters across Turkey for a monthly fee starting at 59 TL. I covered the reasons behind our original investment in an earlier post.

Although Sinemia’s core innovation is its all-you-can-eat subscription pricing model, it’s steadily developing other creative platforms to better serve movie goers. These platforms are simultaneously standalone businesses and complements to Sinemia’s membership club.

Sinemia Sosyal (“Sinemia Social” in Turkish) is a great example of such a platform. Sinemia Sosyal is a content site where you can read Buzzfeed-like editorial pieces about movies and perform a smart lookup for current movie screenings.

The editorial pieces on Sinemia Sosyal have helped Sinemia’s website visits increase fourfold over the last 3 months.

And the current screening lookup feature is much more versatile than that which I’ve seen at other websites that display movie screening times. Whereas other websites display all the movies showing at a specific theater, Sinemia Sosyal’s smart lookup feature lets you search for movies based on the exact parameters that you’re looking for. In practice, this means letting you search for the exact combination of city, movie theater, day, time interval, and/or movie that you want.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 8.22.40 PM

Sinemia Sosyal’s engaging content and its smart lookup feature are great examples of the strategic thinking and meticulous execution of the Sinemia team. Together, they make me very excited for the company’s future.