Vivense’s Series B round

Our furniture e-commerce business Vivense announced its $5M funding round this week. The round was actually completed several months ago but the announcement took place this week.

I wrote about Vivense’s overall strategy and the company’s use of offline showrooms to acquire customers in a vertical with high average order values and highly differentiated products in earlier posts. I’m not going to repeat these arguments here.

Vivense is fortunate to have been able to raise $5M in a challenging startup funding environment. It shows just how well the company is performing. We’re doubly fortunate that we were able to participate in a round led by Earlybird whose investment track record in Turkey speaks for itself.

Vivense’s strong execution has now been complemented with the financial firepower necessary for the multi-year journey towards building a self-sustaining e-commerce business. We’re happy to be along for the ride.