Onboarding new users

Getting users to experience the magic moment of your service is crucial for retention. If your users register for your service but don’t experience the value that you’re delivering, you’ll lose them.

For our on-demand goods delivery app Kapgel, this magic moment is when a user is delivered their first order. And in order to be delivered this order, they first need to place the order in the app. So Kapgel spends a lot of time thinking about how it can get users to place their first order.

There are two parts to this. The first is the user experience of the app. It needs to be easy for a newly registered user to understand what the app does, find the products that they’re looking for, and order them. Ideally, you want your newly registered users to place an order immediately after registering.

However, this isn’t always the case. Some users leave their initial app session without placing an order. For these users, you have to give them reasons to return to the app. The combination of these different triggers represents the second part of what Kapgel does to get users to place their first order.

Orhan Ceylan from Kapgel does a great job of outlining these triggers in his post entitled “How Kapgel onboards new users“. Through a combination of emails and push notifications that inform users about the types of products that they can order on Kapgel (basically anything that a courier can physically carry that’s also legal) as well as the different ways in which they can place an order (selecting from the product list, requesting a custom order, and ordering via chat), Kapgel looks to get its newly registered users to experience the service’s magic moment.