Bitaksi’s new app design

I opened the Bitaksi app to call a taxi yesterday morning and was pleasantly surprised to discover the app’s new design and improved user experience.

The functionality of the app hasn’t changed a lot. However the colors in the new design are much lighter and more cheerful. Although it may not have the same effect on each user, this makes me feel better using the app.


The hamburger menu on the top left of the map screen has also changed. When you clicked on it in the past, a list of pages including your profile, payment information, addresses, and promotional campaigns would emerge from the left in the form of a drop-down menu.

When you click on the new hamburger menu you get a full screen dedicated to these pages, and the pages are shown in boxes under a rotating banner rather than one below another. This approach makes much better use of a smartphone’s limited screen space. Bitaksi’s founder Nazim Salur highlighted the importance of this in an earlier interview. It also gives Bitaksi the space to highlight the most important promotional campaigns and app features it wants to promote in the rotating banner.


There’s also a new feature that lets you calculate an estimated fare based on your departure location and destination.


Overall, I really liked the simple yet impactful changes.