Celebrity wardrobes on Modacruz

I was recently browsing through our second hand female clothing marketplace Modacruz‘s app. In the “Kesfet” (“Discover” in Turkish) section, there’s a sub-section called “Unlu Dolaplar” (“Celebrity Wardrobes” in Turkish). This shows which celebrities have listed their clothing for sale on Modacruz.


The last time I checked this section a few weeks ago the wardrobes of the celebrities whose names I recognized belonged to Ece Erken and Nukhet Duru. The current version of the celebrity wardrobes section looks like this.


The names I recognize now include not only Ece Erken and Nukhet Duru, but also Ebru Salli, Ece Vahapoglu, Ozlem Yildiz, and Asena. That’s not bad for someone who doesn’t watch much TV outside of soccer and basketball games, or read many articles beyond the tech space.

In addition, the profile pages of these 6 celebrities show that 5 of them have visited the app in the last day. So they’re not only present on the app, but also engaged.

That’s a great sign for Modacruz.