Buldumbuldum’s new round

I wrote about Buldumbuldum, our investment in the mass customized products space, in an earlier post. In that post, I shared how Buldumbuldum’s founder Guclu is moving the company from a traditional e-commerce company to a marketplace with both B2C (seller-designed gift products, t-shirts, mugs, …) and B2B products (stationery products like business cards, pens, and agendas).

Guclu’s vision and the initial results of his team’s execution of the marketplace side of the business attracted the attention of some of Turkey’s leading investors. We’re very fortunate to have Nevzat Aydin, our partner in Modacruz and Mobilotoservis, Melih Odemis, our partner in Collective Spark, Can Yucaoglu, our partner in Vivense, and Can’s business partner Birol Yucel join Buldumbuldum in its new investment round.

All four investors were part of Yemeksepeti, Turkey’s largest internet exit to date.¬†As Yemeksepeti’s founders, Nevzat and Melih know how to build and run a great marketplace. As Yemeksepeti’s investors, Can and Birol know how to invest in one. Guclu carefully selected each investor for their knowledge and the resulting contributions that they will make to his business.

We’re lucky to be along for the ride.