Vivense’s Ankara showroom

Our furniture e-commerce business Vivense opened its first showroom in Istanbul earlier this year. It’s by the Cevahir shopping mall.

The first showroom was very successful in driving sales as it gave potential customers a place where they could see and feel specific pieces of furniture before buying. Although not all the models available on the Vivense website are on display, some of the most popular ones are. These give potential customers a good idea of the quality of the furniture which Vivense sells.

The showroom is also serviced by interior designers who give visitors guidance about which furniture to buy in light of the style they’re looking to express at their home or office.

Following the success of the Istanbul showroom, Vivense recently opened its showroom in Ankara. I haven’t had the chance to visit it yet, but if you live in Ankara, you can check it out at the bottom of the Platin Tower Business CenterĀ in Sogutozu.

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