Google Cardboard

I recently received my Google Cardboard virtual reality kit in the mail. I purchased it for $30 at Knox Labs.

Google Cardboard is basically a piece of cardboard that transforms into a set of basic virtual reality goggles when you place your smartphone inside. Once in the virtual reality experience, you move left and right by tilting the goggles and there’s a single button which serves as a click function.

Due to its simplicity, I imagine that Cardboard offers a much more basic virtual reality experience than more advanced goggles like the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus (scheduled for release before the end of 2015 and in the first quarter of 2016 respectively). I have yet to try out the more advanced systems. However, even the Cardboard’s basic experience is enough for a user to grasp the full potential of virtual reality.

My first virtual reality experiences came from browsing through the Cardboard app‘s pre-installed use cases. These include experiences of visiting different cities and walking through different museums. Although not the same as being there in person, these experiences were much better than simply browsing images of the locations on the web.

I also tried a car racing game called Infiniti Driver’s Seat VR. Although it was a short demo experience, it was a lot more fun than the popular Need for Speed series that I used to play on my PC as a kid.

If this is what virtual reality looks like with Cardboard, I can’t wait to experience it with more advanced systems.