Focusing on our existing companies

Hasan recently participated in an interview on Milliyet, one of Turkey’s leading newspapers. You can read the full piece in Turkish here.

Most of the interview is a rehash of his thoughts on the internet ecosystem in Turkey. Specifically, he shares that there are many startup ideas, a lack of capital, and too much focus on technological product innovations rather than technology-enabled business model innovations. Some of the solutions he offers to these problems include the emergence of more internet entrepreneurs with successful exits who invest their exit proceeds back into internet startups (our portfolio will hopefully contribute to this) and Turkey’s large companies investing in VC funds and creating their own corporate VC funds.

The most significant new piece of information shared in the interview is that we won’t be making many new investments. Although we remain very selectively open to new investments, we already have a very broad portfolio of 61 active investments, including 33 in Turkey. We will focus our funding and our limited bandwidth on our existing companies, including Hasan’s personal ventures TazeDirekt and Webnak, to make them successful.