Our second hand female clothing marketplace Modacruz primarily serves women between the ages of 15 and 50. Many of these women are either moms with babies, moms with old kids, or are preparing to become moms soon.

As a result, members of the Modacruz community had long been calling for Modacruz to create an equivalent second hand marketplace for baby products. Modacruz responded to this demand by recently launching Bebecruz. You can download the iOS app here and the Android app is coming soon.

Similar to Modacruz, Bebecruz allows moms to buy and sell their used baby products like clothing, toys, and strollers. Modacruz members who have old kids are likely to be sellers on Bebecruz as they’re looking to get rid of the baby products that are sitting idle in their homes. Modacruz members who have babies, or who are preparing to become moms, are natural buyers on Bebecruz.

The strong overlap between the community members of Modacruz and Bebecruz, and Modacruz’s ability to use its existing technical infrastructure to create the Bebecruz marketplace, made it a natural extension for the company. The missing piece of the puzzle is inventory. From the first days of Bebecruz, it looks like Bebecruz members are fast solving that problem.