Jack Dorsey

It was an exciting 10 days for Jack Dorsey. He was named CEO of Twitter on October 5. He then announced that Twitter is laying off 8% of its workforce on October 13. Finally, the other company where he serves as CEO, Square, announced that it is filing to go public on October 14.

What I found most interesting, however, is that Jack has already given 20% of his equity in Square to the Start Small Foundation, an organization created to support the local businesses that Square is serving. And he has committed to give an additional 50% of his equity to the same foundation in the future. While the success of these local businesses also contributes to the success of Square where Jack remains a large shareholder, Jack is placing his personal wealth at risk for the good of local business communities.

This is the type of CEO that I want to back. I own Twitter shares, and am very glad that someone with Jack’s values is leading the company.