Continuing despite the pain

Yesterday someone asked me why I continue to write a blog post each morning despite the tough times that Turkey is going through. The underlying message was that I should be grieving rather than writing about my thoughts on startups.

To provide some context, there have been repeated terrorist attacks in the country, resulting in the deaths of tens of military and police personnel. The military has also responded in kind, ending the lives of tens of terrorists. There have also been civilian attacks against the offices of newspapers and political parties.

I condemn each of these attacks just like most people in Turkey. Things didn’t have to develop this way, and I hope that everyone who through their actions perpetrates, or directly participates in these atrocities is held accountable. I’ve found it more challenging to write the posts of the last two mornings because my mind often drifts to what’s going on in the country. I also feel the pain.

However, I continue to write despite the pain. This is because I believe that the best response to pain is to keep moving forward by doing your best at whatever it is you’re doing. In fact, the pain motivates me to do it even better.

Although not comparable in magnitude to what’s going on in Turkey right now, I’ve experienced some tough personal events in the past. I’ve also lived through events similar to what’s taking place now in Turkey where I felt deep pain without being directly involved. I know that you’ve experienced each of these as well. They’ve happened before and they will happen again.

Each time I experience a personal loss, or live through a communal loss, I ask myself what the people we lost would want us to do in response to their departure. Unfortunately we can’t know the exact answer to this. We can only make an informed guess. And my informed guess is that they would want us to return to our lives to make the world a better place in whatever small way we’re contributing.

So that’s what I do.