If you follow my Twitter feed, you’ll have noticed that I engaged in two sessions on the Wondr app last Friday. Built by the team behind our 1-on-1 anonymous chat app Connected2.me, Wondr lets you participate in 1-on-1 anonymous chat sessions with your Twitter followers. You simply open the app, create a session stating what you want to talk about, and wait for your followers to reach out. Although you can enter into 1-on-1 anonymous chat sessions by sharing your Connected2.me username with your friends and on social media, Wondr makes it easier for you to broadcast to your Twitter graph (more professional followers than friends) while also letting you set the stage for what you want to talk about.

I created two sessions on Friday, one called “Trying Wondr” and the other called “Startups and VC”. I had four people in total, two in each session, reach out and we had great conversations where they shared feedback about our startups and pitched what they were working on. Despite the layer of anonymity, the conversations were each respectful and polite. However, in contrast to the conversations on Connected2.me which skew towards friendly relationships, those on Wondr were exclusively about professional topics. Although I’m not a regular user of Connected2.me, I’m therefore much more likely to be a regular user of Wondr.

If you want to check out Wondr, you can start a session as a host by downloading the app here. You can also tune in to my current Wondr session to see what it feels like as a participant. The app is still in the early stages and the founders would appreciate your feedback. Feel free to leave it in the comments below.