Thank you Dogan

Our functional team is a very important part of the value we provide to our startups. Until recently, we offered help in the areas of HR, tech, marketing, and finance. However, moving forward we will have one less team member. Dogan, the CFO of Aslanoba Group who also served as a financial advisor to Aslanoba Capital startups, recently joined Kliksa, one of Turkey’s largest e-commerce players.

Dogan was a strong supporter of our startups over the last year during which he was part of our organization. From helping us in our due diligence efforts, to assisting startups with the tracking of their financial statements and KPI’s, to guiding them to the right resources on tax matters, Dogan served as a valuable advisor to our startups in many different contexts.

On behalf of all our startups, I thank Dogan for his contributions and wish him all the best on his new journey at Kliksa.