TazeDirekt grocery lists

I tried TazeDirekt‘s grocery list sharing feature yesterday evening. I wrote about TazeDirekt’s value proposition and Ankara expansion in earlier posts.

First I visited the product page of a product I’d like to order. In this case it was eggplant. I then created a new grocery list by writing the name of the list in the “Yeni Liste Adi” field. This means “New List Name” in Turkish. I chose the name “Saglikli” which means “Healthy” in Turkish as I prefer to eat healthy food.


I then added individual products, like eggplant, to my grocery list using the “Alisveris listeme ekle” or “Add to my grocery list” feature. Rather than have users add products from individual product pages, I think that there’s an opportunity to have a single page where you can search for products and add them successively to your list. This would save a lot of time.


When I was happy with the products in my grocery list, I chose to share the list publicly (your grocery list is private by default) by toggling off the grocery list’s shared status from “Kapali”, or “Closed”, to “Acik”, or “Open”.


The TazeDirekt team then approved the grocery list and you can now browse it together with the other public lists on the platform. Here it is to give you a sense of what I like to eat.


I think that grocery lists are a great feature to remember your order and quickly repeat it in the future without having to select individual products all over again.

And letting users share grocery lists with one another lets them discover new products to order. For example, users can see what products celebrity cooks and nutritionists like to eat. They could also see the most popular products across all grocery lists (thereby signalling the quality of the product) and try out those that look interesting.

Users could also set inventory and price alerts for specific products in order to be notified when a product that’s currently out of stock is once again available, and when the price of a product falls.

I really like the first version of the shared grocery lists feature and look forward to seeing what future iterations look like.