TazeDirekt Ankara

I wrote about Hasan’s online grocery business TazeDirekt in an earlier postĀ from April.

In the 4 months that have passed, TazeDirekt has augmented its own line of high quality fresh products well beyond the original fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk, and red meat. Among other products, you can now taste a variety of TazeDirekt cheeses, breads, rice, and lemonade.

The quality of its own products and carefully selected other brands have helped TazeDirekt establish a strong base of very loyal customers in Istanbul. The company has also begun to receive regular requests from customers looking for TazeDirekt service in other Turkish cities. In response to these requests, TazeDirekt just launched in Turkey’s capital Ankara.

TazeDirekt is celebrating its Ankara launch by giving out surprise gifts. If you live in Ankara and would like to experience the launch and get your free gifts, you can fill out this form.