Solving our transport problem

I recently came across the infographic below showing the tremendous inefficiency of our current transport system. The infographic is the strongest representation I’ve seen to date showing how our reliance on private cars for transportation creates a significant amount of unnecessary congestion.

Let’s quantify the inefficiency. As shown in the infographic, there are 200 people in 177 cars. That’s 1.1 passengers per car. If we assume that the average car has 5 seats, that means that the cars are operating at 23% of their capacity. That’s a 77% inefficiency.

Ride sharing to match passengers with empty seats is one clear solution. Our investments Lyft and Volt are doing just this.

Other solutions offered in the infographic include getting people on bikes and promoting the use of public transport like buses and trains. The latter becomes easier with apps like Moovit and Trafi that show you the best combination of public transport options to get you from where you are to where you want to go at any given time.

Achieving an efficient transport system is going to require a combination of the approaches mentioned above. Fortunately, technology has made these approaches readily accessible to everyone with a smartphone. Solving our transport problem is now simply a matter of using this technology.